We decided a long time ago that Groundwork's menu was never going to be about variety. Rather, we've decided to share with you a few of our favourite things. The five baguettes you'll find on our menu mean something to us and we think they will to you too. Each baguette is not only extremely delicious (in our humble opinions), but brings together some of our region's freshest, most interesting goodies so that every baguette that walks out our door, tells a story of community, local trade and respectfully prepared ingredients. 

Bread, warm out the oven. Crispy on the outside, light on the inside. Tomatoes from yesterday's Farmers Market. A little Istra Pastrami and a slather of horseradish. Or perhaps you'd prefer fresh figs atop Schulz Organic Dairy's creamy quark drizzled with a little Sticky Balsamic? We hope you enjoy eating your baguette as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you. 

Right from when they're still cherries on trees, the beans you'll find in one of our cups are a little bit special. Selectively sorted and processed by small farmers and collectives in the world's best coffee growing regions, then attentively roasted by Five Senses in Cheltenham, our coffee is something we're extremely excited to bring to Kyneton. As the first speciality cafe in the region, we hope that we may not only brew delicious espressos and pour-overs for everyone but that we can create an accessible and exciting opportunity for the community to engage with coffee, its production and the many interesting ways it can be brewed to create a delicious cup. 

While our espresso-based coffees are prepared using a deliciously aromatic blend and Schulz Organic Dairy's unhomogenised milk (if white coffee is your go-to), we hope you'll try one of our single origin pour-overs  alongside your fresh baguette.