Speciality Coffee + Artisan Baguettes

For us, it's always been about ingredients. Whether it's a simple loaf of bread we're talking about or the butter we plan to spread on it, we believe every ingredient is important and should be treated with the respect it undeniably deserves. And that's what GroundWork is - a way for us to express our love for our community, for the land and for the incredible availability of delicious produce through the thoughtful and intentional curation of carefully sourced, locally produced ingredients. 

You will find us on Piper Street, nestled across from Kyneton's monthly Farmer's Market, in a very special building brimming with history and community. From Friday to Tuesday, we'll be busy brewing coffees and toasting baguettes and building our own stories of sustainability, community and ingredients. So please come in and maybe even stay a little while for a good chat or even just a warm place to read the morning paper.